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Financial Strength


We’re proud of our financial strength. As of the end of 2018, Baltimore Equitable had assets of $155 million (nearly all of it liquid) and liabilities of $56 million (mainly in the form of our deposits). Our 2018 net income of $3.5 million indicates that we are only getting stronger.

Policyholders’ Protection Fund

We’re pleased to report that we are the very picture of financial health. We have assets of $155 million and deposits of $50 million. This means we could refund every dollar of deposit more than 3 times. Another way to look at our finances is if every policyholder decided to cancel their policy and we refunded all their deposits and paid our remaining debts, we would still have over $99 million in the bank. This Fund along with reinsurance protects our policyholders in the event of a catastrophe.


Since 1899, AM Best has been the measure by which the financial health of insurance companies has been taken. AM Best reviews insurance company’s financial strength, creditworthiness, profitability and other areas of corporate function. Baltimore Equitable Insurance’s most recent rating was A-(Excellent) with a Stable outlook.

This company was issued a secure rating by the A.M. Best Company, click for additional details
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Annual Statements

Click on the links for our Annual Statements and learn even more about our financial strength.

Download the 2020 Condensed Annual Statement in PDF Format
Baltimore Equitable Insurance 2019 Annual Statement
Download the 2019 Condensed Annual Statement in PDF Format
Download the 2018 Condensed Annual Statement in PDF Format
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