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Why Perpetual Insurance is an Asset

A Baltimore Equitable Insurance perpetual policy is an asset for our policyholder.  Any money that you pay to Baltimore Equitable Insurance is still your money.  You are merely putting it to work for you and receiving insurance coverage on your home, condo or apartment in return.  When you no longer need coverage, the money is immediately returned to you.

In addition, Baltimore Equitable Insurance will pay for all covered losses you incur when you make a claim. Consequently, all the money you pay Baltimore Equitable Insurance stays intact and remains an asset that you will receive when your coverage ends.

In contrast, a premium paid to a “normal” insurance company is  an expense that you will continue to pay throughout the entirety of your policy. As such, your premiums have no value to you once you pay them and are simply used by “normal” insurance companies to pay their expenses and their policyholders’ losses.

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