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Our Board of Directors

Some of the most respected individuals in Baltimore serve on our board. They represent the best attributes of Baltimore Equitable Insurance.

Tedd M. Alexander III
T. Rowe Price Group Inc.

John Berndt

Richard John Berndt
Valtech Health, North America

Juliet A. Eurich
Retired Executive Director-The Alvin & Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation

Sheryl B. Goldstein Image

Sheryl B. Goldstein
Pluck Consulting

David W. Kinkopf
Gallagher, Evelius & Jones

John D. Linehan Image

John D. Linehan
T. Rowe Price Group Inc.

Steven D. Linkous

Steven D. Linkous
Harford Mutual Insurance

Marjorie Rodgers Cheshire
President and Chief Operating Officer, A&R Development Corp

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