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Why The Math Adds Up

Baltimore	Equitable	Insurance - Why The Math Adds Up

We think it makes great financial sense to purchase a Baltimore Equitable Insurance policy and here’s why:

With a “Normal” Insurance Policy or Annual Premium Policy – a $400,000 annual premium policy can cost you approximately $980 a year.  After 15 years you will have paid about $18,250 (assuming a 3% increase each year).

More importantly, you will never get any of the $18,250 refunded to you. It is now in the pockets of your term homeowner’s company.

With a Perpetual Homeowners Policy from Baltimore Equitable Insurance

After the initial phone call and estimate of deposit, a friendly, experienced team member will meet with you in person in order to arrive at a cost to rebuild your home.

Once they have completed the inspection, the Baltimore Equitable Insurance agent may find that it costs $400,000 to rebuild your home.

A $400,000 Baltimore Equitable Insurance perpetual policy will cost $16,800 in deposit.

Remember the uniqueness of the perpetual policy!  The $16,800 is fully refundable and you never need to purchase that $400,000 of insurance again.

You do the math:

$18,250 paid over 15 years with no insurance or money to show for it


$16,800 paid which is totally refundable when you no longer need insurance

That’s why, when all is said and done, our perpetual insurance policy adds up to a much better choice for homeowner’s insurance

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